The most romantic love poems

Love Will Find Out the Way

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Over the mountains
  And over the waves,
Under the fountains
  And under the graves;
Under floods that are deepest,
  Which Neptune obey;
Over rocks that are steepest,
  Love will find out the way.

Where there is no place
  For the glow-worm to lie;
Where there is no space
  For receipt of a fly;
Where the midge dares not venture,
  Lest herself fast she lay;
If love come, he will enter
  And soon find out his way.

You may esteem him
  A child for his might;
Or you may deem him
  A coward for his flight;
But if she whom Love doth honour
  Be concealed from the day,
Set a thousand guards upon her,
  Love will find out the way.

Some think to lose him
  By having him confin'd,
And some do suppose him,
  Poor thing, to be blind;
But if ne'er so close you wall him,
  Do the best that you may;
Blind Love, if so ye call him,
  Will find out his way.

You may train the eagle
  To stoop to your fist;
Or you may inveigle
  The Phoenix of the East;
The lioness, you may move her
  To give o'er her prey;
But you will never stop a lover--
  He will find out his way.


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