The most romantic love poems

A Woman

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They loved each other with love so deep,
She was a tramp and he was a thief.
When he was plying his naughty craft,
She lay on the bed and laughed.
The days went by in pleasure and joy,
At night in the sheets she hugged her boy.
When they dragged him off to jail at last,
She stood at the window and laughed.
He wrote to her saying: ‘O come to me,
I long for you, so badly, you see,
I’m weeping: I’m fading fast –
She shook her head and laughed.
At six in the morning they hung him high,
At seven they buried him under the sky,
But as eight o’clock went past
She drank red wine and laughed.

Heinrich Heine (1797 – 1856)

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