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Pablo Neruda Love Poems

Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904 – September 23, 1973) was the pen name and, later, legal name of the Chilean writer and politician Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto. Neruda assumed his pen name as a teenager, partly because it was in vogue, partly to hide his poetry from his father, a rigid man who wanted his son to have a "practical" occupation. Neruda's pen name was derived from Czech writer and poet Jan Neruda; Pablo is thought to be from Paul Verlaine. With his works translated into many languages, Pablo Neruda is considered one of the greatest and most influential poets of the 20th century.
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1 Love Sonnet XI 32348
2 Love Sonnet XVII 27187
3 Love Sonnet VII 16244
4 Love Sonnet XLV 11556
5 Love Sonnet IX 11640
6 Love Sonnet LXXIX 10577
7 Naked 21774
8 Clenched Soul 11937

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