The most romantic love poems

I Pr'ythee Send Me Back My Heart

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I pr'ythee send me back my heart,
  Since I cannot have thine;
For if from yours you will not part,
  Why then shouldst thou have mine?

Yet now I think on't, let it lie;
  To find it were in vain,
For thou'st a thief in either eye
  Would steal it back again.

Why should two hearts in one breast lie,
  And yet not lodge together?
O love! where is thy sympathy,
  If thus our breasts you sever?

But love is such a mystery,
  I cannot find it out;
For when I think I'm best resolved,
  I then am most in doubt.

Then farewell love, and farewell woe,
  I will no longer pine;
For I'll believe I have her heart
  As much as she hath mine.

Sir John Suckling (1609 – 1642)

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