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Sir Walter Raleigh Love Poems

Sir Walter Raleigh (c. 1552 – 29 October 1618) was an English aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, spy, and explorer. He is also well known for popularising tobacco in England.

Raleigh's poetry is written in the relatively straightforward, unornamented mode known as the plain style. C. S. Lewis considered Raleigh one of the era's "silver poets", a group of writers who resisted the Italian Renaissance influence of dense classical reference and elaborate poetic devices.


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1 The Silent Lover ii 9936
2 The Silent Lover i 7976
3 The Shepherdess's Reply to the Passionate Shepherd 5797
4 The Shepherd's Description of Love 3362
5 His Love Admits No Rival 4995

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